BCTCS 2011

27th British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science

18-21 April 2011

The 27th British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science is hosted by the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham.

The purpose of BCTCS is to provide a forum in which researchers in theoretical computer science can meet, present research findings, and discuss developments in the field. It also aims to provide an environment in which PhD students can gain experience in presenting their work, and benefit from contact with established researchers.


The scope of the colloquium includes all aspects of theoretical computer science, including automata theory, algorithms, complexity theory, semantics, formal methods, concurrency, types, languages and logics. Both computer scientists and mathematicians are welcome to attend, as are participants from outside of the UK.

Invited Speakers


Achim Jung, Paul Levy, Sarah Collins.


All enquiries should be made to bctcs2011 (at) cs.bham.ac.uk.

Midlands Graduate School

BCTCS takes place right after the Midlands Graduate School in the Foundations of Computing Science which this year is organised by the University of Nottingham.


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