Monday 18 April

Registration - Atrium, Computer Science building

16:00UG04, Learning Centre
Invited Lecture: David S. Johnson
Bin Packing: From Theory to Experiment and Back Again
Reception in Computer Science building

Tuesday 19 April

All talks in UG04, Learning Centre
08:40Registration - Atrium, Computer Science building
09:00Invited Lecture: Cliff Jones
AI4FM - how to say "why" in proofs
10:00 David Manlove
"Almost stable" matchings in the Roommates problem
10:25Coffee break
10:50 Phillip James
Towards Domain Specific Languages for Verification
11:15 Andrew Lawrence
Modelling and Verifying Railway Control Systems Using Scade
11:40 Laurence E. Day
Towards Modular Compilers for Effects
12:05 Stephan Reiff-Marganiec
Modelling Virtual Organisations: Structure and Reconfigurations
12:30Lunch - Atrium, Computer Science building
13:30Invited Lecture: Peter Selinger
Logical methods in quantum information theory
14:30 Liang-Ting Chen
A Final Vietoris Topology Coalgebra Construction
14:55Coffee break
15:20 Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg
A categorical semantics for inductive-inductive definitions
15:45 Karim Kanso
A Light-Weight Approach to Integrate Automated and Interactive Theorem Proving
16:10 Florent Balestrieri
The Undecidability of Pure Stream Equations
16:35 Murdoch J. Gabbay
Metamathematics based on nominal terms: first-order logics over nominal sets

Wednesday 20 April

All talks in UG04, Learning Centre
09:00Invited Lecture: Prakash Panangaden
Epistemic Strategies and Games on Concurrent Processes
10:00 Thomas Davies
An Analysis of CSP Implementation Techniques
10:25Coffee break
10:50 James Gate
The Expressibility of Fragments of Hybrid Graph Logic on Finite Digraphs
11:15 Peng He
Visual Hull from Imprecise Polyhedral Scene
11:40 Michal Konečný
Numerical proofs using Function Interval Arithmetic
12:05 Vashti Galpin
Stochastic HYPE: modelling stochastic hybrid systems
12:30Lunch - Atrium, Computer Science building
13:30Invited Lecture: Nigel Smart
Homomorphic Encryption
14:30 Julian Gutierrez
Concurrent Logic Games on Partial Orders
14:55Coffee break
15:20 Gurchetan Singh
Improving Verifiability in Electronic Voting
15:45 Loretta Mancini
Analysing some 3G mobile protocols
16:10 Antony McCabe
Calculating the NTUmin value for Set-Systems Auctions
16:35 Matthew Gwynne
On the hardness of (satisfiable) conjunctive normal forms

AGM of the BCTCS
UG40, Computer Science building

19:30Colloquium Dinner

Thursday 21 April

All talks in LG32, Learning Centre
09:30Invited Lecture: Carsten Witt
Bio-Inspired Computation Meets Theoretical Computer Science
10:30Coffee break
10:50 Dirk Sudholt
Analysis of an Iterated Local Search Algorithm for Vertex Colouring
11:15 Ioannis Lignos
Reconfiguration of Hamiltonian Cycles
11:40 Konrad Dabrowski
Parameterized Complexity of Finding Induced Matchings
12:05 Ian Pratt-Hartmann
Topological Logics of Euclidean Spaces
12:30Lunch - Atrium, Computer Science building