Computer Algebra in Knowledge Based Applications

Special Session at
ACA'10, Applications of Computer Algebra
Vlore, Albania, June 24-27, 2010

Symbolic Computation techniques are playing a significant role outside its traditional application areas in Computer Algebra. Over recent decades they have been successfully employed in several areas of traditional artificial intelligent systems such as automated reasoning, constraint solving or interactive tutoring. Conversely intelligent and knowledge based techniques have made their way into main stream symbolic computation such as the integration of equational reasoning into Computer Algebra systems. In this session we will be interested in a variety of application of symbolic computation in knowledge based artificial intelligence systems and vice versa of incorporation of AI techniques and mathematical knowledge into computer algebra. We will also be interested in representation issues arising from these combinations as well as in the role played by ontologies in linking symbolic computation and AI as illustrated by Wolfram|Alpha. The scope of the session therefore includes the following topics:

  • System combinations and integrations
  • Knowledge acquisition and representation
  • Application areas

See here for a more comprehensive list of topics.