7th International Workshop on Teaching, Learning and Assessment of Databases

TLAD 2009

6th July 2009
University of Birmingham

In conjunction with the
26th British National Conference on Databases and
the Higher Education Academy

General Information

The teaching of databases is central to all Computing Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems and Information Technology courses. For the previous six years, TLAD workshops have brought together those teaching database modules in order to share good learning, teaching and assessment practice and to explore which methods are appropriate to database modules.

The seventh workshop will be held on the day before the British National Conference on Databases in Birmingham and this year the workshop will concentrate on novel teaching and assessment approaches for database and database related modules, as well as covering other issues related to the teaching, learning and assessment of databases. It is intended that the workshop will include plenty of time for discussion this year, and so contributions are sought particularly in the areas of (but not restricted to):

  • Novel teaching areas and their relationship to databases;
  • Databases and enterprise level computing;
  • Creating suitable curricula for the rapidly evolving ways in which database technology is used;
  • Use of appropriate and novel assessment techniques;
  • Use of appropriate and novel database technologies to enrich the student experience;
  • Ensuring that theory and practice are balanced in database teaching;
  • Exploiting innovative teaching methods in order to enhance the student learning experience;
  • Exploiting effective learning and teaching mechanisms for distance learning;
  • Pedagogical and organisational frameworks and paradigms;
  • Adaptivity in learning systems;
  • Integrating the teaching of databases from schools, through universities to the CPD of those in employment;
  • Teaching of internet programming and their use of databases;
  • Teaching of ubiquitous and pervasive application programming and their use of databases;
  • Relationship between XML and databases;
  • Teaching methods for data mining, data warehousing and OLAP.