Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics - Birmingham 2008
9th International Conference on
Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation

AISC 2008

Birmingham, UK, 31 July-1 August 2008

General Information

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Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation

Theory, Implementations and Applications

Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation are two views and approaches for automating problem solving, in particular mathematical problem solving. The two approaches are based on heuristics and on mathematical algorithmics, respectively. Artificial Intelligence can be applied to Symbolic Computation and Symbolic Computation can be applied to Artificial Intelligence. Hence, a wealth of challenges, ideas, theoretical insights and results, methods and algorithms arise in the interaction of the two fields and research communities. Advanced tools of software technology and system design are needed and a broad spectrum of applications is possible by the combined problem solving power of the two fields.

Hence, the conference is in the center of interest and interaction for various research communities:

  • artificial intelligence,
  • symbolic computation,
  • computer algebra,
  • automated reasoning,
  • formal mathematics,
  • mathematical knowledge management,
  • automated discovery,
  • machine learning,
  • logic,
  • software technology,
  • semantic web technology,
  • computer-based math teaching and didactics,
  • computer-supported publishing,
  • language and system design,

We encourage researchers working at points of contact among these fields to share their views, work, and results by submitting papers and taking part in the conference. Topics of particular interest of the conference include:

  • AI in Symbolic Mathematical Computing
  • Computer Algebra Systems and Automated Theorem Provers
  • Integration of Logical Reasoning and Computer Algebra
  • Symmetries in AI problems,
  • Engineering, Industrial and Operations Research Applications
  • Foundations and Complexity of Symbolic Computation
  • Mathematical Modeling of Multi-Agent Systems
  • Programming Languages for Symbolic Computation
  • Symbolic Computations for Expert Systems and Machine Learning
  • Implementations of Symbolic Computation Systems
  • Logic and Symbolic Computing
  • Implementation and Performance Issues
  • Intelligent Interfaces
  • Symbolic Techniques for Document Analysis

Papers on other topics with links to the above research fields and topics will also be welcomed for consideration.

Conferences in this series are held every two years. The previous seven ones took place in

  1. Karlsruhe (Germany),
  2. Cambridge (United Kingdom),
  3. Steyr (Austria),
  4. Plattsburgh (USA),
  5. Madrid (Spain),
  6. Marseille (France)
  7. Hagenberg (Austria), and
  8. Beijing (China).

The first three were under the name "Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Mathematical Computing (AISMC)".

Proceedings are available from Spinger.