Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics - Birmingham 2008
CICM '08

Doctoral Programme

Birmingham, UK, 29-31 July 2008

Su Wei: An Integrated Solution for Web-based Mathematical Expression Inputting

The need to facilitate mathematical expression editing takes an important role in those mathematics-related computer systems. The most purpose of these systems to edit and store mathematical expression is either to capture the mathematical meaning and semantics of an expression or to describe the visual appearance of an expression. By capturing meaning and semantics, the expres- sions can be used to compute, prove, reason and plot. By describing the visual appearance, the expressions can be used to display, typeset in the applications or on the Web. In the past decade, many companies and research institutes have developed mathematical expression editor to give the solution for editing mathematical expression. These editors usually aim to either to satisfy the need of capture meaning or to satisfy the need of describe the visual appearance. MathEdit, a Web-based visual interactive mathematical expression editor, aims to provide an integrate so- lution of on-line creating and editing mathematical expression. Implemented in JavaScript and MathML, MathEdit is a totally Web-based system, which can run in browser both on IE and Firefox. MathEdit API can be used for authors of web-based systems to include MathEdit into their interactive web page. By customizing through MathEdit API, MathEdit provides Content- based editing and Presentation-based editing for the two purpose of entering mathematical ex- pression mentioned above. MathEdit is free and open-source software and can be accessed from