Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics - Birmingham 2008
CICM '08

Doctoral Programme

Birmingham, UK, 29-31 July 2008

Vyacheslav Zholudev: Towards Distributed Mathematical Storage

With rapid development of the internet and computer technologies the communication between humans became much more efficient. It opened up the huge possibilities to share knowledge, interchange ideas and build communities according to some common preferences. Scientific communities are not the exception, but scientists and especially mathematicians prefer collaboration with each other in a traditional way, figuratively speaking, using pen and paper. Of course, this method has been working quite successfully for a long time and, most likely, will not disappear in the nearest future, but I would not like to stimulate such a process. On the contrary, I would like to facilitate the development of the means that could significantly enhance the collaboration of mathematicians employing a technical potential of the internet and computer technologies. The name of such means is TNTBase, the distributed mathematical storage optimized for storing documents in OMDoc format. The facilities of such a system, which I am going to talk about, are supposed to support the scientific communities and facilitate the development of math-specific applications.