Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics - Birmingham 2008
CICM '08

Doctoral Programme

Birmingham, UK, 29-31 July 2008

Imran Zia: A Formally Correct Knowledge Management Framework for Small and Medium Enterprises

My research discusses the differences of large and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and compares the difference in knowledge between them. I also discuss the flow of knowledge and how this is demonstrated through the use of various knowledge management models, this consists of how information is processed and captured through various processes. The research also aims to develop a formally correct knowledge management framework for small medium enterprises. The framework uses epistemic logic and consists of formally defined streams (processes) which are rigorously modelled to simulate agents' dialogue in the real world environment. In the framework interactions such as knowledge sharing, knowledge use and knowledge lock are simulated and illustrated by case studies. The framework can be verified using a model checker and properties of the interactions can be proven.