Registration Information

Registration is based on a daily rate, with a separate rate for the workshop day on Sunday 27th July. However there is a minimum registration of two days for the main conference (i.e., 28th July - 1st August). Registration fee covers lunch, coffee breaks and proceedings of the event you attend.

There are three registration categories:

  • Student: Proof of full time studentship required. Early registration until 11th July. After 11th July, students must pay the late registration fee.
  • Regular: Early registration until 27th June.
  • Late: All registrations after 27th June.

Registration rates will be as follows:

(until 11th July)
(until 27th June)
(after 27th June)
Workshop (Sunday 27th July)   £ 50 £ 60 £ 80
Conference per day (28th July - 1st August)
(Minimum registration 2 days!)
  £ 60 £ 80 £ 100
MKM/PLMMS evening banquet (29th July)   £ 40
AISC/Calculemus evening banquet (31st July)   £ 35
Extra Proceedings   £ 40
Breakfast at the conference venue (per day)   £ 5

To register, please use our online registration shop.

Please see the schedule below for the events at CICM:

July August
Sun 27th   Mon 28th Tue 29th Wed 30th Thu 31st Fri 1st
MathUI     PLMMS Calculemus
DML       ARW  
      Doctoral Programme