Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics - Birmingham 2008
Workshop on Automated Reasoning
Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice


Birmingham, UK, 30-31 July 2008

Call for Papers

The workshop, which is a constituent of CICM'08, will cover the full breadth and diversity of automated reasoning and will include topics such as:

  • Theorem proving in classical and non-classical logics
  • Reasoning systems and mechanisms:
    • Description logics
    • Equational reasoning, unification
    • Induction
    • Constraint Satisfaction
    • Specialised decision procedures
  • Formal methods in software analysis:
    • verification
  • Non-classical inference:
    • Nonmonotonic reasoning, abduction
    • intuitionistic reasoning
  • Logic-based knowledge representation:
    • Ontology specification,
    • Domain specific reasoning (spatial, temporal, epistemic etc)
  • Reasoning for agents (or about agents)
  • Interactive theorem proving
  • Implementation issues and empirical results
  • Applications of automated reasoning


Each workshop attendee will be allocated a 5 minute slot (or a 10 minute slot, depending on time constraints), for a short talk to introduce their research. Each attendee will also be allocated space in a poster session, where they can further present and discuss their work. Please prepare posters for the event.