Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics - Birmingham 2008
Workshop on Automated Reasoning
Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice


Birmingham, UK, 30-31 July 2008


We invite interested persons to submit a camera-ready, two-page abstract about recent work or work in progress, or a system description. Anyone wishing to attend but not interested in presenting should send a shorter position statement (1/2 - 1 page).

Submissions should be sent in in either Postscript or PDF format by email to the workshop organisers at:

Each submission should include the names and complete addresses (including email) of all authors. Correspondence will be sent to the first author, unless otherwise indicated. The main objective of the abstracts is to spread information about recent work in our community. Abstracts will be published in informal workshop notes and be made available by WWW.

LaTeX style files are available from here.