Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics - Birmingham 2008

Empirically Successful
Automated Reasoning for Mathematics
(ESARM) - 27th July 2008


Submission of papers for presentation at the workshop, and proposals for system and application demonstrations at the workshop, are now invited. Submissions will be reviewed, and a balanced program of high-quality contributions will be selected. Submissions must be in PDF, and must conform to the format produced by LaTeX with this template (this is what the PDF should look like). There is a 20 page limit. Long listings of problems or computer output should be relegated to a referenced WWW site.

Proposals for system and application demonstrations must include:

  • System name, developers names and contact details
  • A system description, or associated paper submission
  • Evidence that the system or application is empirically successful
  • Screen shots or information for online access
  • Details of hardware and software that will have to be provided by the organizers if the demonstration is approved

Submission is via EasyChair (thanks to Andrei Voronkov). The selected contributions will be printed as workshop proceedings, and will also be published as CEUR Workshop Proceedings.

Journal Publication

A journal special issue, based around around the topic of the ESARM workshop, is planned, provided there are sufficiently many strong submissions. The special issue will target ESARM participants, but will also also accept submissions from the broader community.