Special Session

Agent-based Approach to Service Sciences

Service sciences, management and engineering (SSME) is a multi-disciplinary growing research area by merging methodologies and techniques in computer science, operations research, management science, and social sciences. The evolution of information and technology (IT) also stimulate many researchers to look at this new research field. Among them, agent-based modeling is expected to play a key role as the methodological foundation. This special session on agent-based approach in service sciences will provide a common forum for researchers and practitioners in many disciplines who are interested in SSME, to exchange their ideas and report their latest findings.

Topics of Interest

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Large-scale data collection for service science
  • Quantification methods of service
  • Description language of service
  • Design and implementation of service
  • Modeling and simulation for service
  • Utilization of IT for service
  • Service network
  • Management of innovation
  • Measurements of customers
  • Customer satisfaction and management


Paper submission: August 10, 2007 Acceptance notification: August 31, 2007 Camera-ready deadline: September 30, 2007

Papers should be submitted on-line and will peer-reviewed by the special session organizers and the IDEAL Program Committee members.

Accepted Papers

id07-175 Analyzing the Influence of Overconfident Investors on Financial markets through Agent-Based Model
id07-207 An Agent-Based Model of Interactions in the Payment Card Market
id07-211 Understanding of Bursty Behaviour of Web Community for Population Analysis by Epidemic of Contagious Meme Analogy
id07-213 The Econometric Analysis of Agent-based Models in Finance: An Application
id07-214 Short run dynamics in an artificial futures market with human subjects
id07-218 Video-based Conjoint Analysis and Agent based Simulation for Estimating Customer?s Behavior
id07-220 Effect of the Number of Users and Bias of Users' Preference on Recommender
id07-221 Exploring Quantitative Evaluation Criteria for Service and Potentials of New Service in Transportation: Analyzing Transport Networks of Railway, Subway, and Waterbus
id07-204 Modularity, Product Innovation, and Consumer Satisfaction: An Agent-Based Approach


All the Accepted papers will be included in IDEAL'07 Proceedings, to be published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series. Papers should not exceed 10 pages and should comply with the format of LNCS/LNAI proceedings (see the Springer website for details).

Special session organizer:

Professor Akira Namatame, National Defense Academy, Japan