Accepted Papers

Dirk Pattinson and Lutz Schröder. Sound and Complete Equational Reasoning over Comodels

Jean-Philippe Bernardy, Thierry Coquand and Guilhem Moulin. A Presheaf Model of Parametric Type Theory

Klaus Keimel. Healthiness conditions for predicate transformers

James Laird. Sequential Algorithms for Unbounded Nondeterminism

Neil Ghani, Patricia Johann, Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg, Federico Orsanigo and Timothy Revell. Bifibrational functorial semantics of parametric polymorphism

Marco Paviotti, Rasmus Ejlers Møgelberg and Lars Birkedal. A Model of PCF in Guarded Type Theory

Marc Bagnol. Representation of Partial Traces

Robert Rand and Steve Zdancewic. VPHL: A Verified Partial-Correctness Logic for Probabilistic Programs

Bart Jacobs and Bram Westerbaan. An Effect-Theoretic Account of Lebesgue Integration

Friedrich Gretz, Nils Jansen, Benjamin Lucien Kaminski, Joost-Pieter Katoen, Annabelle McIver and Federico Olmedo. Conditioning in Probabilistic Programming

Chris Heunen and Martti Karvonen. Reversible Monadic Computing

Bingtian Xue, Radu Mardare and Kim Guldstrand Larsen. Alternation-Free Weighted Mu-Calculus: Decidability and Completeness

Apiwat Chantawibul and Pawel Sobocinski. Towards Compositional Graph Theory

Aleš Bizjak and Rasmus Ejlers Møgelberg. A model of guarded recursion with clock synchronisation

Tarmo Uustalu. Stateful runners of effectful computations

Sergey Goncharov, Christoph Rauch and Lutz Schröder. Unguarded Recursion on Coinductive Resumptions

Matija Pretnar. An Introduction to Algebraic Effects and Handlers

Vincent Danos and Ilias Garnier. Dirichlet is natural

Mathys Rennela and Sam Staton. Complete positivity and natural representation of quantum computations

Taus Brock-Nannestad and Nicolas Guenot. Focused Linear Logic and the lambda-calculus

Bill Roscoe. The expressiveness of CSP with priority

Harsh Beohar and Pieter Cuijpers. Open maps in concrete categories and branching bisimulation for prefix orders