MFPS XXXI Programme

Monday, June 22

Invited SessionChair: Stephen Brookes
8.45 Welcoming remarks: Dan R. Ghica
9.00 Invited Talk: Paul B. Levy Transition systems over games
10.00 Coffee break
Special Session Game Semantics Chair: Paul-André Melliès
10.30 Tutorial Lecture: Andrzej Murawski Recent developments in game semantics
11.15 Nikos Tzevelekos Game Semantic Analysis of Equivalence in IMJ
11.40 James Laird Polymorphic games and program equivalence
12.05 Pierre Clairambault The parallel intensionally fully abstract games model of PCF
12.30 Lunch break
Contributed Session I Chair: Nikos Tzevelekos
2.00 James Laird Sequential Algorithms for Unbounded Nondeterminism
2.25 Taus Brock-Nannestad and Nicolas Guenot Focused Linear Logic and the lambda-calculus
3.50 Harsh Beohar and Pieter Cuijpers Open maps in concrete categories and branching bisimulation for prefix orders
3.15 Coffee break
Contributed Session II Chair: James Laird
3.45 Apiwat Chantawibul and Pawel Sobocinski Towards Compositional Graph Theory
4.10 Chris Heunen and Martti Karvonen Reversible Monadic Computing
4.35 Klaus Keimel Healthiness conditions for predicate transformers
5.00 Aleš Bizjak and Rasmus Ejlers Møgelberg A model of guarded recursion with clock synchronisation
5.30 Reception

Tuesday, June 23

Invited SessionChair: Andy Pitts
9.00 Invited Talk: Thierry Coquand A cubical type theory
10.00 Coffee break
Special Session Logics for ConcurrencyChair: Radu Mardare
10.30 Tutorial Lecture: Philippa Gardner Modern Concurrent Separation Logics
11.15 Lars Birkedal Higher-Order Concurrent Separation Logics - Why and How
11.40 Aleks Nanevski Dependent Types for Specification and Verification of Concurrent Programs
12.05 Azalea Raad CoLoSL: Concurrent Local Subjective Logic
12.30 Lunch break
Contributed Session III Chair: Thierry Coquand
2.00 Marco Paviotti, Rasmus Ejlers Møgelberg and Lars Birkedal A Model of PCF in Guarded Type Theory
2.25 Neil Ghani, Patricia Johann, Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg,
Federico Orsanigo and Timothy Revell
Bifibrational functorial semantics of parametric polymorphism
2.50 Jean-Philippe Bernardy, Thierry Coquand and Guilhem Moulin A Presheaf Model of Parametric Type Theory
3.15 Coffee Break
Contributed Session IVChair: Daniela Petrisan
3.45 Vincent Danos and Ilias Garnier Dirichlet is natural
4.10 Robert Rand and Steve Zdancewic A Verified Partial-Correctness Logic for Probabilistic Programs
4.35 Friedrich Gretz, Nils Jansen, Benjamin Lucien Kaminski,
Joost-Pieter Katoen, Annabelle McIver and Federico Olmedo
Conditioning in Probabilistic Programming
5.00 Bart Jacobs and Bram Westerbaan An Effect-Theoretic Account of Lebesgue Integration

Wednesday, June 24

Invited SessionChair: Dan Ghica
9.00 Invited Talk: Andy Pitts Semantics of Local names
10.00 Coffee break
Special Session Nominal TechniquesChair: Sam Staton
10.30 Tutorial Lecture: Daniela Petrisan Algebra and Coalgebra in Nominal Sets
11.15 Mikolaj Bojanczyk Automata with atoms
11.40 Bartek Klin Constraint Satisfaction Problems with atoms
12.05 Paul-André Melliès What is a nominal algebraic theory?
12.30 Lunch break
Contributed Session VChair: Bill Roscoe
2.00 Dirk Pattinson and Lutz Schröder Sound and Complete Equational Reasoning over Comodels
2.25 Sergey Goncharov, Christoph Rauch and Lutz Schröder Unguarded Recursion on Coinductive Resumptions
2.50 Tarmo Uustalu Stateful runners of effectful computations
3.15 Coffee Break
Contributed Session VIChair: Prakash Panangaden
3.45 Mathys Rennela and Sam Staton Complete positivity and natural representation of quantum computations
4.10 Bill Roscoe The expressiveness of CSP with priority
4.35 Marc Bagnol Representation of Partial Traces
5.00 Bingtian Xue, Radu Mardare and Kim Guldstrand Larsen Alternation-Free Weighted Mu-Calculus
6.00 Conference Dinner

Thursday, June 25

Invited SessionChair: Alexandra Silva
9.00 Invited Talk: Sam Staton Equations, effects and resources
10.00 Coffee break
Special Session Algebraic EffectsChair: Paul B. Levy
10.30 Tutorial Lecture: Matija Pretnar An introduction to algebraic effects and handlers
11.15 Tom Schrijvers Handlers in Scope
11.40 Conor McBride What's in a Blank, Frank?
12.05 Ohad Kammar A Syllabus for Algebraic Effects
12.30 End Of Conference