Social Programme during MGS 2008


Sunday evening: Welcome

Eike and Achim will be at the Etap Hotel from 6pm onwards. At around 7:30 we will make our way to The Green Room for a drink and/or some food. If you arrive late and you want to join us there, then follow the directions in the Restaurant Guide to the Arcardian area.

Monday evening: Reception

Everyone is invited to a Cheese and Wine reception in the Computer Science building after the last talk of the day. There will probably not be enough food to substitute for a proper dinner, nor enough drink to substitute for good soaking, but it'll give you a head-start on both.

Tuesday evening: City tour

Achim will meet you in the lobby of the Etap Hotel at 7pm. The plan is to have dinner at Chez Jules and then explore the Brindley Place and Broad Street areas of the city.

Wednesday lunch: Speakers' lunch

There will be a lunch for the speakers only on Wednesday lunchtime. Details will be announced separately.

Thursday evening: Conference dinner

The conference dinner is for everyone and the cost for this was included in your registration fee. It will take place in a restaurant called Pasta di Piazza which is located in 11 Brook Street, just off St Paul's Square, in the historic Jewelry Quarter. If the weather is pleasant enough, we can walk together from the Etap Hotel, leaving at 6:30. Otherwise, or if it's too far for you (about 1.5miles) then you could share a taxi. Arrival at the restaurant is scheduled for 7pm.

A certain amount of wine will be available at the table but everything beyond that has to be paid for in cash.