Travel Instructions

From Birmingham New Street Railway Station to the ETAP-hotel

When you enter the main concourse of Birmingham New Street station, turn left. Pass the WH Smiths and M&S-shops and exit the concourse and reach a driveway. Follow the driveway until you reach a set of traffic lights. Cross the main road, which is called Smallbrook Queensway, and turn right. Walk along Smallbrook Queensway until you reach a large roundabout. Turn left at this roundabout into Bristol Street (the A38). Walk along Bristol Street for about 300m until you reach an underpass at the junction of Bristol Street and Bromsgrove Street. The ETAP-hotel is now on the other side of Bristol Street, so just take the underpass to end up very close to the entrance of the hotel. A map of the surrounding area may be found here.

There is also a taxi rank at New Street Station. Taxis to the ETAP-hotel will cost about 5 pounds.

From the ETAP-hotel to the University

The best way is to use a bus. If you leave the hotel, cross Bristol Road (the big dual carriageway) via the underpass. Turn right on the other side of the underpass and walk along Bristol Road until you reach the next bus stop. The numbers 61, 62 and 63 are all equally useful. Take any of these ones and stay on the bus for about 15 mins until you reach a pub on the right, called the Gunbarrel Pub. Next you pass a gate which leads to the University on your right hand side and shortly afterwards a Tesco Express combined with a petrol station. Leave the bus at the next bus stop after the petrol station, which is called Dawlish Road. Now turn into Grange Road, which leaves Bristol Street at the Goose at the OVT pub on the other side of the road. There are traffic lights behind the bus stop. Follow this street into the University campus via the Grange Road gate (on the bottom of the University map).

To reach the Haworth lecture theatre from Grange Road gate, continue on the road on which you entered the University past a junction and the Mechanical Engineering building (Y3) on your left until you reach a square. The building on the left of the square is the Haworth building (marked Y2 on the map). The entrance to the building is towards the end of the square on the left hand side underneath of one wing of the building.

From the University to the ETAP-hotel

Go back to Bristol Road. If you reach Bristol Road at the Goose at the OVT turn left and walk along Bristol Road until you reach the next bus stop. Take a 61, 62 or 63 bus towards the City Centre. Follow it for about 15 minutes until you reach a big junction, where on the left hand side before the junction there is a McDonalds and on the right-hand side after the junction there is a church followed by a Ford garage. Leave the bus at the second stop after this junction. The ETAP-hotel is on the left of the main road.

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