MGS Christmas Seminar 2011

The MGS Christmas Seminar 2011 takes place in Birmingham on

Tuesday, 20 December 2011, 14:00h-17.30h

in UG40, School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham. For instructions how to reach the School, see here.


How computer science helps to bring quantum physics to the masses.
Bob Coecke, Oxford University
We present computational aspects of quantum theory in a computer science dress and show how this not only helps towards novel quantum technologies but also allows for a more intuitive presentation of the theory which doesn't require a background in mathematical physics. In particular, the language that we will use closely resembles flowcharts. We also illustrate how this research is transcendental with respect to disciplinary boundaries and has helped in solving problems in other areas, most notably, natural language processing.


15:00h-15:30h Coffee

A Tutorial on Concurrent and Parallel Programming in Haskell
Satnam Singh , University of Birmingham

This tutorial introduces practical aspects of writing concurrent and data-parallel programs in the pure lazy functional programming language Haskell. The focus will be about writing concurrent and parallel programs for multi-core processors but alternative computing elements like GPUs (graphic processing units) and FPGAs (Lego-like circuits) will also be considered.

Can we make a decision?
Rick Thomas, University of Leicester

The notion of decidability is a fundamental one in Computer Science. In this talk we will discuss the decidability of certain questions with a particular emphasis on some problems in mathematics. The talk will not assume any prior knowledge of decidability (or the problems from mathematics that we consider) and will take the form of a survey (as opposed to going into any technical details).

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