27/07/2004: The programme of PPSN VIII is on-line.
12/07/2004: The papers accepted by Workshop on Nature Inspired Approaches to Networks and Telecommunications will be recommended to publish on International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Applications.
07/07/2004: Keynote Speakers: Mandyam Srinivasan, Benjamin Wah, C. Lee Giles.
21/06/2004: The deadline for your final revised paper is 2 July 2004. More details.
16/06/2004: Reminder: PPSN early bird deadline for PPSN registration is 18 June, 2004.
08/06/2004: Decision about your paper could be viewed from submission page through checking my paper's status.
19/05/2004: Online registration form is available now.
13/05/2004: Call For Papers: PPSN VIII workshops.

We invite you to submit a contribution to the following workshops:

  1. Workshop on Challenges in Real World Optimisation Using Evolutionary Computing
  2. Workshop on Games and Emergent Behaviours in Distributed Computing Environments
  3. Workshop on Nature Inspired Approaches to Networks and Telecommunications
  4. Workshop on Intelligence Before Training Neural Nets
  5. Workshop on Foundations of Learning Classifier Systems
  6. Workshop on Future Directions for Learning Classifier Systems
  7. Workshop on Memetic Algorithms

More details about the workshops can be found in the workshop page.

19/03/2004:  Submission Deadline Extended.

The deadline of submission is extended to 16 April, 2004.

20/01/2004:   Best Paper Student Competition.

Best Student Paper Award: Prize of GBP150.00. Sponsored by HP Labs Bristol.

06/01/2004:   Best Paper Competition.

Best Paper Award: Prize of GBP1100.00 (~1600 euros) and travel costs of up to GBP350.00 (~500 euros) between an European city and Honda Research Institute (Europe) at Frankfurt. Sponsored by Honda Research Institutes.

Honda Research Institute
30/09/2003:    PPSN VIII Call for Workshop Proposals.

The deadline of workshop proposal submission is 15 March 2004.

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