Natural Computation Research at The University of Birmingham

Natural Computation Research in School of Computer Science, The University of Birmingham is carried out by a number of individuals and small groups with interests which cover:

  • Neural Computation
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Evolvable Hardware
  • Quantum Computation
  • Artificial Life
  • Self-Organising Systems
  • Emergent Behaviours
  • Machine Perception
  • Robotics
  • Applications to Real World Problem

Recently,  CERCIA (Centre of Excellence for Research in Computational  Intelligence and Applications) was set up, through a substantial funding from Advantage West Midland (AWM), to exploit various computational intelligence (CI) techniques for industry, business and government organisations by capitalising on the world-class research in CI in the School of Computer Science. CERCIA is affiliated with the School of Computer Science and housed in the state-of-the-art CS building.

In September 2002, the School of Computer Science also hosted the 2002 U.K. Workshop on Computational Intelligence.

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