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3rd Workshop on Theory of Randomized Search Heuristics


Randomised search heuristics have been highly successful in various applications, both in combinatorial and numerical optimisation. In contrast to problem-specific randomised algorithms, they are designed to be general black-box optimisers.

Given such a scenario, proving that such algorithms satisfy certain performance guarantees remains a hard and widely open problem. Gaining a theoretical understanding of randomised search heuristics is therefore an important task. Since these search heuristics are of a stochastic nature, there is a clear potential in applying techniques developed in the area of design and analysis of problem-specific randomised algorithms, in addition to the mathematical methods that are developed specifically to analyse randomised search heuristics.

Randomised search heuristics include, but are not limited to,

  • evolutionary algorithms,
  • immune system inspired algorithms,
  • particle swarm optimisation
  • ant colony optimisation,
  • simulated annealing, and
  • tabu search.


The aim of this workshop is to stimulate interactions between people already working on these problems and those with a general background in natural computation or randomised algorithms or both. The primary focus is on discussing recent ideas and detecting interesting topics for future work, rather than in presenting final results.

Important Dates

  • Submission: Sep 11th 2009
  • Notification: Sep 18th 2009
  • Registration: Oct 1st 2009
  • Workshop: Oct 19th-20th 2009