University of Birmingham AISB/IACAP World Congress 2012 - Alan Turing 2012

2-6 July 2012



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Information and Computer Ethics in the Age of the Information Revolution

Location: CPD5

Session I, Thursday, 5 July, 14:00-16:40

14:00-14:40 The Problem with Comparing Machine Morality to Human Morality is NOT the Machines
F. Gordzinsky (Sacred Heart University); K. Miller (University of Illinois Springfield); M. Wolf (Bemidji State Univ)
14:40-15:20 How to design tolerant agents
Luciano Floridi (University of Hertfordshire, University of Oxford)
15:20:16:00 What's Wrong With Robots' Combats and Virtual Child Sex
Jean-Gabriel Ganascia (University Pierre and Marie Curie, Sorbonne Université)
16:00:16:40 Evil in virtual worlds
Carl D. Mildenberger (Witten/Herdecke University)

16:40-17:00 Coffee/Tea Break

Session J, Thursday, 5 July, 17:00-18:30

17:00-17:40 Ethical Challenges in Cloud Computing
Matteo Turilli (University of Oxford)
17:40-18:10 Is it OK to be an Anonymous?
Philip Serracino Inglott (TU-Delft)

Session K, Friday, 6 July, 10:00-12:30

10:00-11:00 Brian Michael Goldberg Memorial Award
Two Dogmas of Automated Warfare
Ryan Tonkens (York University-Toronto)
11:00-11:40 What Would MorMach Require: An Argument for a No-Fault Ethics
Anthony Beavers (The University of Evansville)
11:40-12:20 Information Technology, Digital Imaging and The Ethics of Evidence
Shannon Vallor (Santa Clara University)

12:30-14:00 Lunch break

Session L, Friday, 6 July, 14:00-16:30

14:00-14:40 Ethical implications of "The Informational Turn in Philosophy": The problem of Informational Privacy
João Antonio de Moraes, Paulo Henrique Araújo Oliveira Pereira (State University of São Paulo)
14:40-15:20 Privacy and The Emerging Role of Transparency on The Example of Electronic Identity
Stefan Strauß (Institute of Technology Assessment, Austrian Academy of Sciences)
15:20-16:00 Ethics of Information Warfare
Mariarosaria Taddeo (University of Hertfodshire, University of Oxford)