University of Birmingham AISB/IACAP World Congress 2012 - Alan Turing 2012

2-6 July 2012



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(Call for Proposals for Symposia)



1. Mathematical Practice and Cognition II (schedule) CPD6
  Monday (morning, afternoon), Tuesday (morning, afternoon)
3. Computing, Philosophy and the Question of Bio-Machine Hybrids: 5th AISB Symposium on Computing and Philosophy (schedule) CPD6
  Thursday (morning, afternoon, evening), Friday (morning, afternoon)
4. Computational Philosophy (schedule) CPD5
  Monday (morning, afternoon)
5. Turing Arts Symposium (schedule) CPD2
  Friday (afternoon, evening)
6. Information Quality (schedule) CPD2
  Tuesday (morning, afternoon, evening)

Turing Tests and Dialogue Agents

7. Revisiting Turing and his Test: Comprehensiveness, Qualia, and the Real World (schedule) CPD5
  Wednesday (afternoon, evening), Thursday (morning)
8. Linguistic and Cognitive Approaches To Dialog Agents (LaCATODA 2012) (schedule) CPD4
  Tuesday (afternoon, evening), Wednesday (morning)

History and Philosophy of Computer Science

9. History and Philosophy of Programming (schedule) CPD4
  Thursday (morning, afternoon, evening), Friday (morning)
10. Philosophy of Computer Science: PoC Meets AI and Law (Roundtable Discussion) CPD4
  Friday (afternoon, evening)

Social/Collective Systems, Networks and Phenomena

11. Social Computing - Social Cognition - Social Networks and Multiagent Systems (schedule) Forum LT
  Monday(morning, afternoon), Tuesday (morning, afternoon, evening)
12. Understanding and Modelling Collective Phenomena (UMoCoP) (schedule) CPD2
  Thursday (morning, afternoon, evening)

Ethics, Morality, AI and Mind

13. Framework for Responsible Research and Innovation in AI (schedule) CPD2
  Friday (morning)
14. The Machine Question: AI, Ethics, and Moral Responsibility (schedule) CPD1
  Tuesday (afternoon, evening), Wednesday (morning, afternoon, evening), Thursday (morning)
15. Moral Cognition & Theory of Mind (schedule) CPD1
  Thursday (afternoon, evening), Friday (morning, afternoon, evening)
16. Information and Computer Ethics in the Age of the Information Revolution (schedule) CPD5
  Thursday (afternoon, evening) Friday (morning, afternoon, evening)

Natural and Unconventional Computing

17. Natural Computing/Unconventional Computing and its Philosophical Significance (schedule) Forum LT
  Wednesday (afternoon, evening), Thursday (morning, afternoon, evening), Friday (morning, afternoon)
18. Nature-Inspired Computing and Applications: 1st Symposium (NICA) (schedule) Forum LT
  Friday (afternoon, evening)


19. Author Meets Critics Session: Luciano Floridi's The Philosophy of Information Leonard Deacon LT
  Monday (evening)
20. Intuition and Ingenuity: Artistic Responses to Turing (An Exhibition) West Wing Meeting Room
  Reception: Monday from 19:30, Exhibition: Tuesday-Friday, 12:00-17:30

Preliminary proceedings can be found here.