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Accepted papers

  • Security Assessment of NTRU Against Non-Profiled SCA
    Luk Bettale, Julien Eynard, Simon Montoya, Guénaël Renault, Rémi Strullu

  • Combined Fault Injection and Real-Time Side-Channel Analysis for Android Secure-Boot Bypassing
    Clément Fanjas, Clément Gaine, Driss Aboulkassimi, Simon Pontié, Olivier Potin

  • Reveal the Invisible Secret: Chosen-Ciphertext Side-Channel Attacks on NTRU
    Zhuang Xu, Owen Pemberton, David Oswald, Zhiming Zheng

  • Self-Timed Masking: Implementing Masked S-Boxes Without Registers
    Mateus Simões, Lilian Bossuet, Nicolas Bruneau, Vincent Grosso, Patrick Haddad, Thomas Sarno

  • Time's a Thief of Memory: Breaking Multi-tenant Isolation in TrustZones through Timing based Bidirectional Covert Channels
    Nimish Mishra, Anirban Chakraborty, Urbi Chatterjee, Debdeep Mukhopadhyay

  • Short-Iteration Constant-Time GCD and Modular Inversion
    Yaoan Jin, Atsuko Miyaji

  • Analyzing the Leakage Resistance of the NIST’s Lightweight Crypto Competition’s Finalists
    Corentin Verhamme, Gaëtan Cassiers, François-Xavier Standaert

  • A Practical Introduction to Side-Channel Extraction of Deep Neural Network Parameters
    Raphaël Joud, Pierre-Alain Moëllic, Simon Pontié, Jean-Baptiste Rigaud

  • Comparing Key Rank Estimation Methods
    Rebecca Young, Luke Mather, Elisabeth Oswald

  • Post-Quantum Protocols for Banking Applications
    Luk Bettale, Marco De Oliveira, Emmanuelle Dottax

  • A Nearly Tight Proof of Duc et al.'s Conjectured Security Bound for Masked Implementations
    Loïc Masure, Olivier Rioul, François-Xavier Standaert

  • An Evaluation Procedure for Comparing Clock Jitter Measurement Methods
    Arturo Mollinedo Garay, Florent Bernard, Viktor Fischer, Patrick Haddad, Ugo Mureddu

  • Cycle-Accurate Power Side-Channel Analysis Using the ChipWhisperer: a Case Study on Gaussian Sampling
    Nils Wisiol, Patrick Gersch, Jean-Pierre Seifert

  • Rivain-Prouff on Steroids: Faster and Stronger Masking of the AES
    Luan Cardoso dos Santos, Francois Gerard, Johann Groszschaedl, Lorenzo Spignoli

  • Guarding the First Order: The Rise of AES Maskings
    Amund Askeland, Siemen Dhooghe, Svetla Nikova, Vincent Rijmen, Zhenda Zhang